pomegranate tart

Lemon Tart with Pomegranate Gelée

A rep from POM Wonderful offered to send me a case of pomegranate juice and I accepted. I was curious to see what I could do with it in the kitchen. Today, I can cross two items off the list of things i’ve never done: make a gelée, and drink pomegranate juice straight from the bottle.

I’ll confess that this tart wasn’t my first experiment with the juice. I tried to make a pomegranate chiffon cake, which didn’t turn out well. The pomegranate flavor was overwhelmed by orange zest, and the color was an unfortunate shade of brown. Disappointed, I decided to look for recipes that would really showcase the product. I’ve bookmarked a few different sauces, custards, gels, and glazes that I hope to try in the near future.

This tart from Flo Braker’s Baking for all Occasions sounded too interesting not to try (most of the recipes in that book are a little out of the ordinary). The crust has cornmeal and citrus zest in it, and the lemon-lime custard is topped with pomegranate seeds and jewel-like cubes of pomegranate gelée. (I omitted the pomegranate seeds, but they would have been great textural contrast). I don’t care much for jello, so I was glad to see that the gelée was very softly set.

A warning if you plan to try this recipe- the tart must be completely cool before you add the gelée. Otherwise, it will melt instantly. Alternately, you can pour the gelée on top of the chilled tart and let it set in one piece instead of cutting it into cubes. I wanted a geometric look, though- something reminiscent of the Cook’s Country Stained Glass Cake.

I really enjoyed the combination of pomegranate and citrus, and I think the gelée would make a great topping for a cheesecake. You can find the full recipe here.

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